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LED Grow Lights

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135 Watt UFO LED Grow Light - Mary Jane

$75 Ex Tax: $75

UFO LED Grow Light "Mary Jane" - 135 Watt, 10.75 Inch, Cooling FanUFO Hydroponic Light with 135 Watt power, 10.75 Inch diameter and built in cooling fans. Grow your plants indoor and achieve a higher yield and bigger crops. The Mary Jane LED grow light provides the exact light spectrum your plants need. Emitting Red, Blue, Orange and White color waves, the Mary Jane boosts your plants grow by ach..

15 Watt LED Grow Light

$19 Ex Tax: $19

15 Watt LED Grow Light - 810 Lumen, 75 LEDs, 53x Red, 18x Blue, 2x UV, 2x IR, Energy Efficient Key Features...LED grow light lets you grow your favorite plants in any environment15 Watt LED grow light produces up to 810 lumens to help grow your plantsComes with 75 high-end LEDs that include 53 red, 18 blue, 2 UV, and 2 IR lightsEnergy efficient and environmentally friendly design15 Watt LED Grow L..

18W Grow Light

$20 Ex Tax: $20

18W LED Grow Light - Two Lights, Flexible Body, 24 Red LED, 12 Blue LED, Desk Clip, 400 To 840nm, 500 LumenKey Features...24 Red and 12 Blue LEDs to improve your plants growth and floweringDouble lamp design and flexible neck lets you target the light exactly where it`s neededLow power consumption LEDs wont cause excessive heat and will save you moneyRuns of USB port so can be powered by a multitu..

300W LED Grow Light

$63 Ex Tax: $63

300W LED Grow Light - 60x LED, 50,000h Life, 60-Degree Light Angle, Wide Wavelenght Range, 2900 LumenKey Features...Optimized LEDs that target the Photosynthetic Active Regions for the best growing resultsThis 300 Watt LED light benefits from low operating costs and long lifespan of over 50,000 hoursWith different light frequencies, you can be assured that youll get an ultimate yield60-degree angl..

50Watt LED Grow Light

$24 Ex Tax: $24

50Watt LED Grow Light - 250 LED Lights, 2950 Lumen, 174x Red, 68x Blue, 4x UV, 4x IRKey Features...LED grow light lets you grow your favorite plants in any environmentComes with a combination of 174 red, 68 blue, 4 UV, and 4 IR LED lights50Watt grow light produces a total of 2950 lumensEnergy efficient and easy to use design50Watt LED Grow LightThis spectacular LED grow light helps you to grow you..

5W LED Grow Light

$8 Ex Tax: $8

5W LED Grow Light - 5xLEDs, 2xRed LED, 2xBlue LED, 1xWhite LED, Gooseneck DesignKey Features...5Watt LED Grow light for plant, flowers herbs and other cultivation.Flexible gooseneck design and clamp makes it easy to position and setup.2 Red LEDs at 620 to 630nm and 2 Blue LEDs with 450 to 460nm light for promoting plant growth.Efficient low energy grow lamp keeps the electric bill down.5W LED Grow..

LED Grow Light

$23 Ex Tax: $23

LED Grow Light "Red Dawn II" - 225 LEDs, Red + Blue Wavelength Light, 14WattLED Grow light has 225 high powered LEDs that draw 14 Watts of power to nurture your plants with red and blue illumination that will boost their photosynthesis increasing growth and yield. The Red Dawn II LED grow light will emit light in the red and blue wavelengths at 620-630nm and 460 to 470nm, these wavelengths corres..

LED Hydroponic Grow Light w/ 300W + 20000 LUX

$140 Ex Tax: $140

LED Hydroponic Grow Light - 5 LED Color, 100 TW Epileds LEDs, 300W Power, 20000 LUXLED Hydroponic Grow Light featuring 5 LED Colors, x100 TW Epileds LEDs, and a powerful 300W + 20000 LUX light emission - Grow your plants better than ever before.The sun is great for growing your plants or flowers, but the sun isn`t always there when you need it. Now with this LED plant growing light, you can be ass..

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